Horse Meditation

Madhu and I, (above), are offering horse-meditation come springtime! I can also come and share a horse yoga or horse meditation practice with you and your horse! (Book with me on the Contact page).

I used to use certain crystals to heal my energy for different energy misalignments I have experienced in the past. A horse is like a 1000-pound, living version of a crystal. When I complete a session with Madhu, I feel a deep state of bliss and connection, in yoga, this is called samadhi.

Horses are intrinsically compassionate, empathetic, 1000+ pound biofeedback creatures. They read our emotions like open books, which is a skill they’ve evolved to have to thrive in herds. Horses reflect our thoughts and emotions; bringing them to the surface, we become aware of what’s happening in our subconscious and can then process and heal it.

If you ride, you know how your energy affects your horse’s energy. When you show up in the saddle carrying the day’s stress, the ride usually just continues in that mood. With horse yoga or horse meditation, you will learn breathing and mindfulness techniques to center before you ride and stay relaxed and responsive when your horse tests you.

Here is an article about how healing horses are:


Are you breathing?

I am so grateful I found Yoga. I am able to fall and have the strength and habit to get back up. Yoga doesn’t eliminate stress, but prepares the nervous system by Toning it so that the body and mind can handle it without being overwhelmed. 

We can learn to sit in life’s obstacles just as we sit in our challenging postures.  Learning contentment when challenged is the benefit of trying new poses, or the ones that intimidate us, or bring us to an edge of sorts.

Are you breathing?  This is just one moment, one breath.  And in a few breaths something has shifted, a new moment.  Just breathe through the next single moment.

We know it’s not all comfortable or easy, but those challenges on or off the mat create growth.