Bicycling into the Future

Dear Yogis Around the World,

I write as a concerned yogi that shares the planet with you.  It is up to us, you and me, and our friends, to choose environmentally sound modes of transportation and fuel.  We can reduce the miles driven in fossil-fueled cars in order to ensure that all of the organisms that we share Earth with can thrive in the coming decades and centuries.  We are at a tipping point that doesn’t require terribly in depth research to understand the consequences of for yourself and all living creatures.  At the tipping point, every decision is crucial.  Empower yourself with tools of activity that slow down climate chaos!  One solution out of many?  Ride a bike or walk instead of sitting in the car.  Not only does your fuel switch from petroleum to your yummy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, but you are also pumping your heart, moving your body in an era of sedentary lifestyles, thereby preventing chronic mental, physical and emotional illnesses!  Let’s bike our way into the futures of sloths, tigers, and toucans and humanity!

This relief print is made from recycled styrofoam used for food packaging and printed with acrylic inks that were taken out of the trash pile left by art students moving out of their apartment!

It is 5 by 8 inches and only $10 (plus shipping).  Email if you’d like to order one!


Surrender to the Riverwest 24

Last week was a tough week.  I was given notice that one of my favorite studios to practice and teach at is closing.  Same night, 1-2AM, I watched two creepers prowling between my neighbor’s and my houses, run off, come back, and then have to run away from something again to hide in my backyard.

So when I saw my friend’s call to fill in last minute on her team, Peddlin’ for Chanise, I had a deep knowing that I needed to ride in the race to keep my spirits high.  I joined the team, not knowing that I was getting myself into a dance performance.  I showed up to dance practice… I enjoyed watching, but couldn’t imagine performing THAT for an audience. Well I found myself at a crossroads… Either I could stick to my comfort zone and sit on the side lines while my team danced, or I could forget my inhibitions and dance.  We were dancing to fundraise for Chanise, a neighborhood gem of a lady, who has MS and needs support.  Well, I chose to dance.  And I loved it.  We loved it, Peddlin’ for Chanise is left full of giggles and love.  Not only that, but our team did pretty well racing too, 30 laps, for a total of 138 miles, 65 bonus points, for a total of 95 laps.  We raised $200, faced and overcame some silly stage fright, and made the world a little bit better of a place.

Our yoga is really about connecting and uniting, it isn’t Warrior 1 or any other posture that creates transformation, but how we take that sense of empowerment from the asana off the mat and into our communities.  And if I didn’t have yoga, how would I dip so low?  😉  Here’s the dance performance: