Join me :
Eco Yoga on Sundays at 10 -11:15 AM at the Pink House Studio (601 E. Wrigt Street in Riverwest)

Cost: $14 drop-in, or $100 per 10-class package

Eco Yoga is a heart-felt asana class dedicated to serving our miraculous home, the only planet with life, in this crucial tipping point of climate change. Rainforests are massive carbon sinks, yet continuously they are burnt down to grow palm oil or raise cattle, returning the carbon back into the atmosphere. By stepping onto your mat, you fulfill your dharma to prevent another rainforest from burning; proceeds from each ten-class package are donated to prevent one metric ton from polluting our atmosphere and furthering our commitment to climate chaos. Eco Yoga is about connecting within and to Oneness, and realizing that Earth’s wellbeing translates to the wellbeing of one’s self. Dedicating your yoga to something higher than you empowers you as a channel for that higher energy. Eco Yoga transforms consciousness and karma as we start to see and treat the universe as an expansion of ourselves. The asana is creatively sequenced to challenge, with pranayama and options to play with arm balances and inversions. (Level 2-3)

Yoga Hour on Thursdays 12 – 1 PM at Yama Yoga (231 E. Buffalo St. in Milwaukee’s Third Ward)

Connect to the sacred center of your being, the source of prana, life force.  This class nourishes, enlivens, and transforms the whole practitioner from the center out. This is a heart-felt, mindful, and creative asana practice that includes pranayama to go inward, as we yoke body, mind, and spirit. (All levels)

Please contact me to schedule private or corporate yoga classes at
 photography by Murray


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