Here are a few reviews shared by students.

“I really enjoy the classes that Morgan teaches. She sets a great example of how to carry yourself through a practice; being at peace with yourself, and enjoying every minute to its fullest. The way she describes the details and adjustments of each posture with such ease and awareness is contagious. With that being said, she is very easy to follow and become in sync with no matter what experience level you have.
Another thing that I really enjoy with Morgan as a teacher is that she incorporates mindful passages from books she is currently reading or experiences she has had. These little passages always serve as little reminders. These things are usually the things that can easy be forgotten throughout our daily lives so it is like a breath of fresh air letting these little side notes soak in to the soul.
Anyways I hope this review helps others in their decision process. I feel honored to be able to give feedback on this wonderful person and her teaching methods. With how much I have learned from Morgan this is the least I could do. Namaste”  (Joey S).

“Morgan teaches peaceful classes that have great flow and purpose. She is always mindful of fundamentals, while at the same time offers challenges within a safe environment. Morgan will often read a passage or share a story at the start or ending of our practice. I really enjoy these moments, I find they often help help me in setting my intention for my practice” (Amanda C).

“Morgan teaches me every week; she is a gifted yoga instructor with a passion to share this transformational practice. Her classes are always creative, challenging and full of knowledge about the workings of our mind, body and spirit. With her you’ll definitely learn to do poses for your level that you never knew about, all with consideration for alignment and safety” (Daniel M).


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I’m very grateful having been referred to Morgan by a friend. I haven’t just learned yoga; I’ve experienced yoga through her deep knowledge, passion, care and generous soul. Morgan’s instruction has been transforming both physically and spiritually. Her knowledge of yoga, its philosophy, the mudras, mantras, meditations and her personal insights shared have helped me connect to myself through yoga. She has incredible knowledge of anatomy and movement ensuring great alignment and a safe practice learning poses, all while maintaining wonderful flow. She teaches patience, how to become mindful of what your body and mind need in the moment. Her quiet sense of humor brings playful yet challenging classes. She offers great balance; her instruction is physically challenging at all levels while being physically and spiritually nourishing. Morgan’s comprehensive instruction has been a wonderful invitation to yoga offering everything I hoped yoga would bring for me and ask of me, motivating me to maintain my practice. It’s truly been a heart felt and heart led experience for me.(Sarah B)

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