Wholistic Alchemy

Synthesizing Intention for Manifestation

Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Reiki

With Caitlin Marie Driver & Morgan Herum

Friday, June 8th, 2018

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Investment: $40.00

Beginning with RELEASE,

you will be guided through a sequence of supported postures that will calm and reset your entire body, preparing the foundation for heart opening and expanded consciousness. Your journey through the postures will be infused with Reiki, a hands-on healing technique that facilitates an energetic letting-go, and the uncovering of concealed potential.


you will then be guided through a Yoga Nidra. Through practice, Yoga Nidra facilitates the yogi into a state of surrender, where the brain waves shift into the Theta Wave state, where a wake-ful dream awareness is assumed. In this state, the body’s cells become receptive and more readily malleable, accessing the potential for rapid change and integration. With the unified intention of releasing that which is not serving our highest expression and uncovering hidden potential, we will access and free the deeply rooted power of the heart for manifestation.


know that the work has been done. Remain open and receptive. All is on its way to you. Surrender and in divine right time your manifestation will be actualized. ❤

sign up early at: Yama Yoga’s website

Prívate Yoga

According to John Sharkey, a Clinical Anatomist, Exercise Physiologist, and European Neuromuscular Therapist,  when researchers measure bones, and depth, or thickness, or length, none of the bones have even a similarity, that each person’s bone shapes, “attachment sites” of muscles, and routes of nerves are individually unique.  So how could we expect any two people to do a yoga posture the same way?  Two people cannot do a posture in the same way, because we each have indivual movement capabilities, ranges of motion, bone lengths, etc.  Private yoga allows you and I to find the best alignment for Your body, getting rid of what a posture “should” look like based on an imagined model body.

Whether you are new to yoga or a well established practitioner, private yoga is a wonderful and efficient way to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga in a setting that allows for open conversation, more personalized attention, and the ability to focus on what you want or need.

Contact me to find out details and to schedule your private, specialized class Here.  Before scheduling our first private class together, we will have a brief conversation to ensure that you will receive what you are seeking out of a private session with me.

Private yoga sessions start as low as $70 per session; the price is dependent on location.

Mala Beads

I have been using mantra to assist in my meditation practice for a few years. Repetition of mantra helps still the mind, relieving the practitioner of distractions. Trained as a jeweler, I decided it would be a natural merging of my two passions, yoga and jewelry making to start making malas. The malas below are $70 a piece, plus shipping!  Get your own mala by stopping into Yama Yoga or online here: Mala Beads



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