Use the Breath to Change How You Feel

The Yogis have been saying this for a long time, and what do you know modern science is catching up these days.  Modern scientific studies, to be found here: Breath Could Change Your Emotions, are proving that deep, slow breathing reduces the stress precedes a presentation, concert, performance, event, and mindful, deep, slow breathing reduces chronic anxiety and PTSD.  If you want to work on it, come to a yoga class or Autumnal Equinox Nidra, to breathe and relax!


How exercise changes the brain

Different types of exercise affects growth and reverses aging in different types of the brain.  The researchers explain that increased oxygen, hormones, and nutrient levels are why exercise benefits the brain, so I would add pranayam and inversions as “exercises” that are excellent for brain health.

Cycling or running prevents dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s-just one more reason to bike to work!  

At the end of the article it says that a 50-year-old yogi’s brain looks more like a 25-year-old’s brain. 

Here’s a link to the article:

Find Sanctuary During Transitions

Sigh.  It’s the body’s way of letting go.  My yoga community came out to Kirtan last night and a yoga practice titled the Evolution of Change.  
Pictured above is Ryan Hader and his fellow musician and friend Scott.  Ryan was my first public yoga teacher in Milwaukee. He brought my practice to a level where I began to feel inspired to share it with others by bringing them to class or sharing a pose I thought would help them with whatever they had going on in their bodies.

The top two photos are the ceiling of the sacred vessel that has allowed me to grow into the person I am.  This simple, elegant view from savasana has comforted me through life’s challenges that I worked through on my mat but also inspired awe at the beauty available to us if we simple know to look.

This view last night helped me remember to see the beauty in this challenging time of letting go of this sanctuary.

Ryan reminded us that everything is constantly changing, so can you be enough?  Yoga helps us access the sanctuary within, because really the room , the studio, the temple is justabsorbing all of the great energy and contains it.  Wherever you go, you can find sanctuary, for what is inside will manifest outside.

Witnessing Mantra Transformation

Just finished up a 40-day mantra challenge a week ago and began a new mantra.  Five days into this new mantra, I am already feeling the effects and shifts that this mantra is calling into my life.  This new mantra is four times longer than any other mantra that I have succeeded with chanting on a regular basis and so it took extra work to learn it, and it takes extra concentration to chant it, which is perfect for my mind which has been super busy with the transitions currently happening in my life.  

Mantra is like a prayer or the setting of an intention.  It is a chant to be done aloud or silently, usually repeated 108 times.  I have been practicing mantra for about five years and last year began to challenge myself to 40 consecutive days of practice.  40 days is an auspicious number for mantra practice.  It is said around day 30 that your karma will make it challenging to continue by throwing obstacles in your path.  That definitely happened on day 29-30 during my last 40 day challenge, with a studio merging with another and so 60% of my public classes are ending on Labor Day – catch me while you can!  So I have been coping with a lot of stress and I have been in a survival mindset.

With this big transition in life, I knew to begin a new mantra right away to align my energy with my intention.  A more complicated and longer mantra would balance the stress, chanting mantra tones the vagus nerve, so it is calling and helps practitioners still their minds for meditation.

We are powerful, if only we believe in ourselves.  Mantra helps you gather your strength, focus, and the trust you need to be great.  Are you ready to be your best?  Check out my Offerings page to get your very own mala, like the one held in the photo above.

Christina Sell: Fine Print of Yoga

Reblogging this brief but deep video on the fine print of yoga: thank you for supporting your community and for your unconditional love.  Because she says it beautifully: Christina Sell’s Fine Print of Yoga.  See you on the mat soon! 

Are you breathing?

I am so grateful I found Yoga. I am able to fall and have the strength and habit to get back up. Yoga doesn’t eliminate stress, but prepares the nervous system by Toning it so that the body and mind can handle it without being overwhelmed. 

We can learn to sit in life’s obstacles just as we sit in our challenging postures.  Learning contentment when challenged is the benefit of trying new poses, or the ones that intimidate us, or bring us to an edge of sorts.

Are you breathing?  This is just one moment, one breath.  And in a few breaths something has shifted, a new moment.  Just breathe through the next single moment.

We know it’s not all comfortable or easy, but those challenges on or off the mat create growth.

Yoga @ the Parks

It was a beautiful morning for yoga on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan!  Murray and I had so much fun teaching together.  

Check out OmTown Yogis for all their events on their website by clicking Here.  

See you at Atwater Park on 8/20!  Or check out Murray’s class at Washington Park on 8/20, both at 9AM-10AM.