New Years Eve Morning Yoga

New Year’s Eve is the time to part with the past and commit to energy-fortifying habits to ready the Self for what is to come. Join Morgan Herum in empowering breath practices, yoga asana flow to the sacred songs of the Bhakti Yoga tradition, intention setting, meditation and chanting to clear out stagnant energy and to prepare the subtle body for the next chapter of your journey. If you’re inspired, bring an item that represents the stagnant energy as a gift to the Free Box.

10-11:30 AM

At the Pink House Studio in Riverwest on Booth St and Wright St.



Upcycled Magazine Horse Ornaments

Shhh! They’re a surprise! But I am too excited to wait to share what I just finished making : here’s a craft idea to give someone for a holiday gift! So many gifts add more waste into the world with the excessive packaging, but you can take what was waste, an old magazine, and turn it into something new to be cherished!

Here’s a link to the video that gave me the foundation for how to make these:

Yoga gift idea

Many of you know how great a regular yoga practice feels, wouldn’t it be great if you could share that feeling with another? Give the most valuable gift to yourself or a loved one this season: yoga, a practice that will open your heart to receiving the magic the universe holds just for you.

There are two options:

1: Eco Yoga public classes held Sunday mornings at the Pink House Studio in Riverwest; these classes are suitable for the advanced beginner to intermediate students, all levels are welcome as modifications can be given. A 10-pack is $100, or drop-ins are $14. 20% of these classes are donated to organizations, such as Stand For Trees, that prevent climate change and maintain the habitats of threatened species of animals.

2: private yoga, suitable for all students and can be great for a couple, taught at the convenience of your schedule and at the convenient location of your or your loved one’s house. $70 per class.

Contact me to give a class pass to your friend, sweetie or yourself!