Surrender to the Riverwest 24

Last week was a tough week.  I was given notice that one of my favorite studios to practice and teach at is closing.  Same night, 1-2AM, I watched two creepers prowling between my neighbor’s and my houses, run off, come back, and then have to run away from something again to hide in my backyard.

So when I saw my friend’s call to fill in last minute on her team, Peddlin’ for Chanise, I had a deep knowing that I needed to ride in the race to keep my spirits high.  I joined the team, not knowing that I was getting myself into a dance performance.  I showed up to dance practice… I enjoyed watching, but couldn’t imagine performing THAT for an audience. Well I found myself at a crossroads… Either I could stick to my comfort zone and sit on the side lines while my team danced, or I could forget my inhibitions and dance.  We were dancing to fundraise for Chanise, a neighborhood gem of a lady, who has MS and needs support.  Well, I chose to dance.  And I loved it.  We loved it, Peddlin’ for Chanise is left full of giggles and love.  Not only that, but our team did pretty well racing too, 30 laps, for a total of 138 miles, 65 bonus points, for a total of 95 laps.  We raised $200, faced and overcame some silly stage fright, and made the world a little bit better of a place.

Our yoga is really about connecting and uniting, it isn’t Warrior 1 or any other posture that creates transformation, but how we take that sense of empowerment from the asana off the mat and into our communities.  And if I didn’t have yoga, how would I dip so low?  😉  Here’s the dance performance:


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