Gardening is part of Yoga

Gardening has become part of Murray’s and my practice of yoga.  Some of our meals come straight from the backyard, which means no pesticides, herbicides, no shipping or consumption of fuel consumed when consuming dinner, plus, we provide food for the bees, which spend all day in our plethora of squash, borage, tomato, raspberry, and cucumber blossoms, as well as our sunflowers.   It has taken, admittedly, years to appreciate gardening, but this year I have finally started to find the meditative practice in it and love observing all these quiet lives busily producing in my yard.  We also recycle our food scraps in our compost pile which then feeds the plants, keeping all the food waste out of the landfill, in which food waste produces harmful methane gas that fuels climate chaos.  This year a volunteer squash is inhabiting the compost! 

Happy growing!  Happy eating!