Why I teach Yoga

I had a student tell me that my class I offered was life-changing and inspiring.  He told me that he works 14-hour days everyday, working for himself, often until 3AM.  I offered in class today that our chances for success increase with our ability to be uncomfortable, and we can reduce our stress with a few different breathing techniques which I taught in class.  He told me he is inspired to work on his breathing to manage the stress levels of owning his own business and needs to stop working so much.

Teaching yoga is my passion and I love these break-through moments in which my students walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and better than when they walked into my class.  Teaching yoga is hard, there is no job security, no pay raises, no paid vacations, it’s super competitive (even though yoga is supposed to be against competition), and undervalued by society, but moments like I had today are why I offer what I do.  Yoga could change the world through its ability to change the inner landscapes of its practitioners.


Swami vision by Swami Vivekenanda

“He whom the sages have been seeking in all these places is in our own hearts; the voice that you heard was right, says the Vedanta, but the direction you gave to the voice was wrong. The ideal of freedom that you perceived was correct, but you projected it outside yourself, and that was your mistake. Bring it nearer and nearer, until you find that it was all the time within you, it was the Self of your own self. That freedom was your own nature, and this maya never bound you



Tools to live

“Yoga isn’t a lifestyle. Meditation isn’t spiritual. These are tools to wake up—no matter how tired you are—and live life fully, simply, freshly, directly, honestly, straightforwardly, with integrity.
That’s it. Respect your tools.”
~ Dr. Willard Evans