Asteya is a practice of non stealing.  This translates to not overcommitting, depleting from your own energy to do more stuff.  I recently experienced someone backing out of a group project and at first couldn’t understand, but after I asked about it she replied that she needs to take care of herself and when overcommitting there is no more energy left to nourish herself.  I have so much respect for that because we live in a world of the overcommitted, we might come them busy or workaholics.  We aren’t doing anyone a favor by volunteering to do something when we haven’t the time to do it, or if having the time and energy to do it means we can’t take care of our Self.  In reality, we end up doing a halfassed job at the thing we volunteered to do and even worse at taking care of our Self.  Asteya is being able to say no before you overextend yourself so that when you do say yes, you have plenty of energy to share and give. 


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